ABS-like Properties
Properties Units Method Value
Tensile Strength [MPa] D-638-03 55-60
Elongation at Break % D-638-05 25-40
Flexural Strength [MPa] D-79003 65-75
Flexural Modulus [MPa] D-79004 1700-2200
Izod Impact-Notched [J / m] D-256-06 65-80
Heat Deflection Temp. (HDT) at 0,45 Mpa ° C D-648-06 58-68
Heat Deflection Temp. (HDT) at 0,45 Mpa after thermal post treatment ° C D-648-06 82-90

All data provided herein, which is related to consumables, was collected from specific specimens and tests conditions and is provided for information only. Characteristics may vary if different specimens and test conditions are applied. Unless expressly provided in writing, no warranties are made and warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed. All data provided is preliminary and must be verified by the individual user.

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